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Posted on August 31st

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Alice raises the take-home pay of working Americans. Help us make software that turns everyday expenses like train tickets, Tylenol, and tampons into tax free income on hourly workers’ paychecks.

Right now, more than half the country doesn’t have even $400 for an emergency. When employees spend on healthcare, childcare, and commuting, Alice adds money back to their take home pay. No interest, no fees, nothing to pay back. It’s their money.

That $50 copay at the doctor becomes $50 of tax free income. A $200 monthly bus pass becomes $200 of tax free income. Prescriptions, contact lenses, sunblock—the list is long. When these expenses are pretax, employees keep hundreds more of their pay and employers pay less in payroll taxes. Imagine being able to create products that give hourly workers a dollar an hour raise. Join us and help boost the pay of hourly, part-time, temporary, and seasonal workers, as well as their salaried and corporate colleagues, with software!

You may already know about pretax benefits...a hodgepodge of FSAs, HSAs, commuter benefits, HRAs, and more alphabet soup. They’ve been around since 1978 yet only affluent, white-collar workers have had access to them. 156 million employees in the US are spending on healthcare, childcare, and commuting, and they all deserve these benefits.

We’ve rebuilt them all in software to make them accessible to employers and usable to the employees who need them most. Employees just connect their own credit and debit cards or get an Alice Card to connect their spending and start raising their take home pay.

We’re a bright, diverse, and dedicated team solving hard problems. We get to work in all of the best “changemaking” cultures—with people from the venture community, regulators and policy experts, employers and their HR staff, and local community leaders.

We take great pride in having team members from different backgrounds because we know that every voice matters. Our team has members that are disabled, LGBT, and first-generation college grads. We prioritize vacations. We aim for gender balanced hiring at leadership levels. We are all dedicated to making Alice the company where stunning colleagues make their mark.

Alice is a remote-first company, and you are welcome to work from anywhere in the United States!

Join us!

We're looking for a Software Engineer to join our fully distributed team—more than just a coder, you care about what to build as well as how you build it. Our team is lean and data-driven, and we constantly iterate our feature development in a daily release-cycle.

Our mission gets you out of bed and jazzes you up. You get that working at a startup means your work bleeds outside the edges of a job title. When you’re interested you deep dive and tell your friends. You like the tension between craft and shipping. That someone is struggling through your product experience hurts your heart.

It’s not easy to give millions of Americans a dollar an hour raise. As a Software Engineer, you'll be joining one of our engineering squads working to improve the platform and release new features. Specifically, we'll rely on you to handle day-to-day challenges including:

  • Understanding and innovating within highly regulated domains.
  • Making a simple and delightful product experience from a complex set of business rules.
  • Designing and executing the flow of money using banking APIs.
  • Integrating with a panoply of payroll systems ranging in sophistication and modernity.
  • Using machine learning to classify millions of transactions.
  • Tying our AI and messaging to build a better conversational platform to interact with our customers.
  • Making all this work at scale so working Americans can keep more of what they earn.
You'll be a perfect fit for joining our team if you...
  • Have at least 2 years experience as a professional software engineer
  • Are proficient in at least one dynamically-typed programming language for the backend, like Ruby, Python, or Javascript (Alice uses Ruby on Rails on the backend)
  • Are comfortable with at least one of the modern Javascript frameworks like React or Vue (Alice uses React on the frontend)

Also, we would like if you:
  • Have a strong interest in advancing technology whenever possible/practical
  • You're excited about the challenges of working in a regulated domain.
  • You think money is an important challenge in the lives of everyone and you want to solve that for people especially hourly workers.
  • You pride yourself on your ability to communicate complex concepts or code to anyone who’ll listen, whether they’re technical or not.
  • You want to have outsized impact building the culture of a growing engineering organization.
This is a rare opportunity to join a team with a powerful mission early enough to see your fingerprints shape the product and the company for years to come.

You’ll get to work directly with our repeat entrepreneur founders and the rest of Alice’s high-performance team. Our team has experience from awesome places like Adobe, CBS, Handshake, and Lending Tree. We’re backed by talented advisors from Grand Central Tech, and notable investors like Bain Capital, Notation Capital, and Trinity Ventures.

Alice will make sure that you have…
  • The ability to impact the paychecks of tens of thousands of hard working Americans - something that's more important now than ever before
  • A smart and supportive team who are dedicated to our mission and to setting you up to reach your full potential.
  • A professional develop stipend to invest in ongoing growth, learning, development.
  • Competitive salary, healthcare, retirement, and vacation benefits.

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