Senior Backend Developer

At OPIsystems Inc.
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Posted on June 22nd

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As an experienced Ruby / Ruby on Rails back-end Software Developer you will be working directly on our cloud-based monitoring and control system application “One Blue”, helping build and maintain the product. You will have the opportunity to design, build and maintain robust and scalable software using Ruby on Rails.

Additionally, you will participate in architectural design discussions and planning sessions, solve technical problems of high scope and complexity while collaborating with your squad to solve problems ranging from scalability and performance to architecture and feature development.

Software Development:
  • Develop and maintain API backend written in Ruby on Rails.
  • Integrate platform with partner and 3rd party applications like Stripe, Twilio.
  • Inter-component communication using Rabbit MQ, Google Protobuf, MQTT, Websockets.
  • Build and maintain highly reliable data processing modules.
  • Design reliable and efficient databases models and operations.
  • Participates in all aspects of our agile development process including iteration planning, estimation, architecture, code and design reviews.

Automated Test Development
  • Write integration tests to exercise API endpoints and verify expected results using rspec/rswag.
  • Write controller tests to ensure outbound messages are correctly formed and encoded using rspec.
  • Ensure test coverage benchmarks are maintained.

  • Participate in the software build and release process using github, CircleCI, docker, kubernetes, artifactory.
  • Monitor/investigate system and resource activity, error logs, and bug reports.

Technology and Subject Matter Expert:
  • Relies on experience and problem-solving capability to identify and address technical challenges and trade-offs within the system.
  • Promotes and demonstrates continuous learning; shares knowledge with colleagues to improve overall capabilities of the team.
  • Writes clean, maintainable code with accompanying tests.
  • Troubleshoots and provides timely solutions to production issues.

Qualifications and Skills:
  • 3-5 years of strong proficiency and working experience using Ruby on Rails.
  • A minimum of 3 years experience with service-oriented architectures, software development and the development life cycle.
  • Experience working with database PostgreSQL, Redis, and more
  • Expertise in a microservices architecture
  • Ability to use containers and orchestration frameworks (Kubernetes, Docker etc.)
  • Experience with web security authentication & authorization, OAuth JWT and Rails Doorkeeper.
  • Experience working with cloud-based infrastructure such as Amazon AWS (or similar)
  • Good hands-on knowledge of CI/CD tools.
  • Proficiency in Git

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