Ruby On Rails Jobs At Agnos Inc.

Agnos was established in 2012 with a mission to empower businesses with next-gen, end-to-end agile software development services. We combine human creativity with cutting-edge technologies to benefit society and shape an accountable business. Our Value Proposition is that we have Top-Gun IT resources from across the globe and across industries who can deliver the highest quality software quickly, at an extremely affordable price. Our "Secret Sauce" is our selected team of technologists and consultants who are simply the best. Through our global partnerships, we now have an army of over 20,000 worldwide, from the United States to Argentina to India to Ukraine and beyond. We can truly offer a “follow the sun” software engineering delivery platform. Our Core Values revolve around Agility, Trust, Quality, and Social Impact. As our customers, employees, and partners will attest, we are obsessed with rapid application development at an extremely affordable price, maintaining the highest quality standards, ensuring the trust of our customers and partners.

Newest published 9 months ago

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